All about the Landing Page

What is a Landing Page

A landing page is a distraction-free, standalone web page designed to capture user’s contact information. Landing pages are meant to generate leads, usually by requesting users to submit a lead form.

Why you need a Landing Page?

Studies show that normally multiple exposures are required before users actually consider a product for buying. This can be done in multiple ways. Targeted advertisements and email promotions are popular amongst all. The problem with the targeted ads and blind email campaigns is, most of the receivers might never wanted to buy or subscribe. This indeed results in poor conversion ratio. On the other hand, leads generated by a landing page will most certainly be the promising ones.

Landing pages are not typical website pages. Their existence revolves around a single product or a service. Landing pages are designed with a single objective in mind and that is capturing user’s contact information.
Apart from the lead form, another component of the landing page is a ‘Call to Action’ button or a link. The purpose of the CTA button or Link is to direct your user to the product or service page where he can buy or subscribe to it.

Designing a Landing Page

Users arrive at landing pages by clicking ads, promotional links or search results. Landing pages have evolved over time. Though there are absolutely no rules for designing a landing page, one should keep in mind the purpose of it.

Traditional landing page designs do not have any menu links, just a short product or service description followed by Lead form or ‘Call to Action’ links.

Recently, additional components such as header menus and feature sections can be seen in modern designs. This gives an illusion of a single page website, where menu items are linked to different feature sections on the same page.

Though Lead form and CTA links are normally placed on the very first section of a page, the drawback of this design pattern is, it’s easier for the user’s attention to get diverted. Needless to say, it may impact a conversion ratio. Ideally, one should have separate landing pages for all of his products and services.

A few important things to keep in mind while designing landing pages are

  • Keep it very simple.
  • Choose a distraction-free color scheme.
  • Keep CTA and Lead form design simple.Just the email id field should be sufficient on the form.
    • Just the email id field should be sufficient on the form.
  • Offer a unique value proposition while asking for the contact info.Free pdf newsletters do not qualify but 30% discount definitely does.
    • Free pdf newsletters do not qualify but 30% discount definitely does.
  • Redirect CTA to the most relevant pages where the user can buy or subscribe.

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